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Dear Humanities Lovers,


2020 is a harsh year for everyone, and it is same for all the members at H.O.P.E. Journal. As the Executive Editor in Chief, I'm grateful to see how H.O.P.E. has developed in the past nine months, with so many students from different countries joining and a great deal of university students and even famous journal publishers supporting us. At the same time, a lot of readers must be wondering why haven't we updated issues for the past two months. "Is H.O.P.E. still running?" "Why are you not publishing?" Facing these questions, I would like to give a response.

First, I'd like to express my sincere apology regarding the delay of publication. This is due to a lot of factors: college application of all the seniors, some technological difficulties we are facing, and unexpected number of submissions we have received in this first year. Of course, I understand that these should not be the legitimate reason why we delay. I know how suffering it is for a student to wait for response from a journal, because I have experienced that, many times! But I'd really hope that you all could understand the harsh period we are all facing and could forgive us considering that it is our first year. And please trust us, we will get better and become more organized!  

Second, I'd like to say give a thumb up to all the members at H.O.P.E. Not only I see the younger team members willing to sacrifice their valuable junior time to help out H.O.P.E. but I also appreciate so much that all the current seniors are dedicating their best effort to the publications. None of us thinks of giving up and we all will keep fighting for some higher goals in the future. 

Third, I'd like to say thank you to all the graduating college students and some other famous journal publishers for all the help you have provided us for the past nine months. I know that all of the college students are either busy with the school work or with the internships during gap-year. I am also very moved by other journal publisher, for example Mr. Will Fitzhugh from the Concord Review as he allows us to reprint an article from the Concord Review on each issue. Thank you all. 

Finally, as I was saying above, we are looking forward to something greater, something better; we are not just aiming to last H.O.P.E. for one year but five years, ten years, or even decades. H.O.P.E. is aimed to have a hope, a dream, to help create a better humanities society, not only for secondary students, but for all students and adults around the world. And, I am sure that our next generation will do as a good job as we have done, a better job probably, in 2021!

Best regards,


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