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Become a Partner

Aspiring to better the world, HOPE eagerly participates in humanities/charity projects. We are happy to work with individuals or organizations who are just like us. 

More Info

Over the past, we coordinated with high school clubs to hold lectures, helped out students to found their clubs, and promoted equal rights movements. Based on specific scenarios, HOPE can both provide both advertising supports and manpower. 


We appreciate your passion. However, please note that the following activities are not applicable: 


  1. Events held by college application agencies: We are sorry that according to our policy, HOPE is not able to connect with such agencies. At most, we are willing to repost but will downplay the host’s involvement.  

  2. In-person activities held outside of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou: Our members and influences are scattered, making it inefficient to support regional events. As our coverage starts to expand, however, we might modify this policy. 

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