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Hope Compeition Summer 2020 Flyer Final
Hope Compeition Summer 2020 Flyer Final

The commentary submission period has ended. You can join the editorial team by sending an email with a sample request.


1. How do I submit my piece(s)?

You may submit through our email: or through the google form:

2. Who will be judging my piece(s)?

The pieces will be judged by the high school graduates who make up our reviewer board. You may also visit the reviewer page online:

3. May I submit more than one piece to each category?

Yes. You are welcome to submit as many pieces as you want. You can also submit pieces to different categories.

4. Who is eligible to submit?

Anyone who hasn't graduated from high school yet (this include middle school and primary school students).

5. Will there be a charging fee for entry?

It is entirely free to submit to this competition.

6. May I submit works that I have written or published in the past?

We welcome pieces that you have written in the past and also those that you have published (as long as the place you have published allow you to do so).

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