We accept literature (poem, prose), research papers, art (illustration, photography), and editorials. Don't hesitate to submit because you never know how good your works could be! Check out the submission webpage for more details.


H.O.P.E. is dedicated to providing a multi-national and non-profit academic platform, with the missions of advocating for the humanities and recognizing young writers’ outstanding achievements. You can read our past works from the archives.

Key Events

Competition Issue Deadline: August 15th

Competition Issue Publication: September 23rd

5th Issue Deadline: October 15th 2020

5th Issue Publication: December 7th 2020

6th Issue Deadline: January 10th 2021

6th Issue Publication: February 7th 2021

7th Issue Deadline: March 10th 2021

7th Issue Publication: April 7th 2021

Humanities Online Platform for Everyone (HOPE) is an independent, student-run online journal that creates opportunities for high school students in the United States and around the world who are interested in the humanities to publish their outstanding works. These include creative writings (poetry and prose), research papers, editorial reviews, and visual arts. We realize that publication opportunities for high school students interested in the humanities are very limited. Thus, we hope to create this platform to help high school students to earn credit for what they have written or created. This is not merely a journal, but a place for lovers of the humanities to express themselves and receive recognition.

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